Copper Beaded Bracelets by Tasam

9 products
Wearing copper beaded bracelets are holistic and spiritual benefits, Copper symbolizes love and balance and was used to heal and protect during ancient...
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Healing Crystal Beaded Bracelets

75 products
IDA’s Gems has a wide choice of Healing crystal beaded bracelets, We have a wide choice of stone and gemstone bracelets, from birthstone bracelets and...
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Semi-precious stones beaded stretch bracelets

128 products
We have a wide choice of semi-precious stones and crystals beaded bracelets, from birthstone stretch bracelets and affordable quartz crystal stretch bracelets to...
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Stone collection

88 products
Choice unique handmade stacked beaded bracelets jewelry with your favorite stones and crystals minerals. these bracelets' main stone is stone beads, copper beads,...
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Tasam Handmade Stacked Beaded Bracelets

119 products
Tasam's handmade stacked beaded bracelets for men and women, has a wide choice of natural stone with copper beads for our beaded bracelets....
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Tiger's Eye

17 products
Tiger's Eye mineral Information Mineral Origin: Tiger's eye major mineral origin includes Australia, South Africa, Brazil, and China.Mineral Category: Quartz. Mineral Group: Silica minerals...
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75 products
Cailinger's high-quality precious and semi-precious stones are highly spiritual, sacred and powerful. The gemstones and crystals directly amplify and accelerate energy patterns. You’ll...
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