Blackwood and Brass Beads Stretch Bracelet
Beautifully matched, these stretch bracelets feature a string of round, natural African blackwood strung on a durable elastic cord is interspersed with environment-friendly brass beads and band. Metal: Brass. Wood Information: Blackwood. Beads Size: (6mm ±0.5mm) 0.23 inches. Setting Type: Stretch elastic cord. Measurements: 6.5 to...
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Brass Spacer Charm Beaded Bracelet C
Metal: Copper. Setting Type: Hand Braided Knots. Measurements: 6.5 to 7.5 inches. Collection: T'asam.
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Brass Beaded Bracelet
Metal: Copper. Beads Information: Natural Stone. Beads Size: (3mm ±0.5mm) 0.12 inches. Setting Type: Hand Braided Knots. Measurements: 6.5 to 8 inches. Collection: T'asam. 
$35.00 $29.00
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Blackwood Wenge Brass Beads Stackable Bracelets
Beautifully matched, this wooden beaded bracelet features a string of cylindrical African blackwood beads strung on a hand-woven rope with disc shape brass beads. Metal: Brass. Beads Information: Blackwood-Wenge. Beads Size: (6mm ±0.5mm) 0.23 inches. Setting Type: hand-woven rope. Measurements: 6.5 to 8 inches. 
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Brass Hand Braided Knots Beaded Bracelet
Metal: Copper. Beads Size: (3mm ±0.5mm) 0.12 inches. Setting Type: Hand Braided Knots. Measurements: 6.5 to 8 inches. Collection: Sonnet Craft. Origin of Beads: USA.
$39.00 $32.00
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Brass Beads with Natural Stone Beaded Vintage Bracelet
Metal: Copper. Stone Information: Natural Stone. Beads Size: (6mm) 0.23 inches. Setting Type: Stretch elastic cord. Measurements: 6.5 to 8 inches. Collection: Sonnet Craft. Origin of Beads: USA. 
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Blackwood Wenge with Brass Link Bracelet
Our classic elegance beaded bracelet with natural blackwoods beads, brass triangular band and round oxidized brass beads with strung on strong silicone elastic cord. Appropriate for all kinds of stack bracelets. Metal: Brass. Beads Information: Blackwood. Beads Size: (6mm ±0.5mm) 0.23 inches. Setting Type: Stretch...
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Adjustable Lava Rock Stone with Brass Beaded Bracelet
A stunning strand of round polished lava stone string with vintage style brass beads in hand braided knots makes this bracelet an essential addition to your stackable bracelets collection. Metal: brass. Stone Information: Lava Rock Stone. Beads Size: (6mm ±0.5mm) 0.23 inches. Setting Type: Hand Braided...
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