South Red Agate and Prehnite Beaded Phone Lanyard Strap
This phone lanyard strap is Handcrafted of South Red Agate and soft green Prehnite and with Garnet. These red agate round beads measure approximately 6mm average size, has a vitreous luster, excellent high brilliance, with matching highly saturated orangy-red color,...
$69.00 $59.00
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Rose Quartz, Aquamarine and South Red Agate Beaded Phone Lanyard Strap
This phone lanyard strap is Handcrafted of Madagascar Rose Quartz and soft blue Aquamarine and with Carnelian and South red agate to enhance the overall red tone. These beads exhibit a vitreous in luster, an excellent polish and shape, symmetrical...
$69.00 $49.00
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Southern red agate (AAA)
Natural AA Grade Southern red agate Loose Beads. Natural China southern red agate ore is cutting and polished, Selected 6A quality beads, It can be used for DIY jewelry, Also be used to customize jewelry.  Here are details of these beads:  Beads Size: 8 to...
from $3.99
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Southern Red Agate Plain Round Gemstone Beads Bracelet (Grade AAA)
This Southern Red Agate plain round beads bracelet showing brilliance flame-red hues, symmetrical round shape and very beautiful natural texture, a hand-select quality, and crafted strung on an elastic strand that easily slips on your wrist. Gemstone Material: This Genuine...
from $65.00
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Multi-Color Yan Yuan Agate Carved Lotus Beads Bracelet
Soft hues hand-carved Yan Yuan Agate Lotus Beads Bracelet has an asymmetrical shape, showing a vitreous luster with good brilliance on these consistent qualities lightly saturated colorful-hued agate. Gemstone Material: Yan Yuan Agate from Sichuan China. Gem-quality Grade: Grade AAA -...
from $69.00
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Multi Color Yan Yuan Agate Round Beaded Bracelet (Grade AAA)
This Yan Yuan Agate Round Beads Bracelet presents excellent polishing with glass gloss, excellent round shape, These Yan Yuan Agate beads show opaque features of rich natural soft color hues. Yan Yuan Agate has a strong oily luster, half-saturated soft...
from $55.00
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Multi-Color Yan Yuan Agate Gemstone Beaded Bracelet (Grade AA)
This Multi-color Yan Yuan Agate Beaded Bracelet has soft hues, these beads have been well crafted to a symmetrical round shape with smooth polished and the hand-select color group is stung on the elastic rope. Gemstone Material: Yan Yuan Agate...
from $65.00
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China Southern Red Agate Gemstone Beaded Bracelet
This China Southern Red Agate Beaded Bracelet exhibits a vitreous luster, standard sphere beads, and opaque transparency with agate's proprietary unique flame texture crystal layering. It is stunning, each bead of the bracelet is hand-selected and matched and this agate...
from $89.00
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