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Golden Rutilated Quartz Bead Bracelet - Grade AA

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Discover the exquisite allure of the Golden Rutilated Quartz Bead Bracelet. This bead bracelet is a statement of elegance and a testament to the beauty of nature's artistry.

Golden Rutilated Quartz Bead Bracelet Introduction:

  • Gemstone Material: Aquamarine from Zambia.
  • Gem-quality Grade: Grade AAA - Icy Light Blue, Excellent polished, visible slight crystal structure, no quartz inclusions, and complete spherical cut.
  • Item Type: Beaded bracelet; elastic bracelet; energy bracelet; mala bracelet.
  • Bracelet Weight: Approx 30 to 37g.
  • Stone Treatment Method: Not-treated.

Emotional and Spiritual Significance:

Imbued with a serene aura, this bracelet is more than an ornament – it's a companion for your soul. It is believed to evoke feelings of peace, balance, and renewed energy. Wearing it may feel like being wrapped in a cocoon of tranquility, as it harmonizes the mind and uplifts the spirit.

Historical or Cultural Connections:

Rutilated quartz has been revered since ancient times, often associated with the legendary Golden Fleece and regarded as a stone of truth and enlightenment. Its golden threads have captivated cultures worldwide, symbolizing the interconnectedness of all things.

Physical Description and Specifications:

Crafted with the finest Grade A rutilated quartz, each bead glistens with unique golden threads, creating a mesmerizing play of light and shadow. The bracelet comes in various sizes, secured with a durable clasp, ensuring a comfortable fit for any wrist. Its robust design promises longevity and enduring charm.

Healing Properties or Symbolic Meanings:

This bracelet is said to possess healing qualities, aiding in filtering negative energy and aligning the aura. It's often sought for its symbolic representation of clarity, strength, and spiritual growth, making it a beacon for those seeking a path of self-discovery.

Lifestyle and Usage:

Perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions, this bracelet adapts seamlessly to any style. Whether it's a touch of sophistication for a business meeting or a subtle sparkle for a night out, it enhances the wearer's presence with its timeless elegance.

Closing Statement:

Embrace the mystical charm and refined beauty of the Golden Rutilated Quartz Bead Bracelet. It's not just an accessory; it's a journey towards inner peace and style that transcends the ordinary.


  • What is the significance of Grade A in this bracelet?

    Grade A signifies the highest quality of rutilated quartz, ensuring exceptional clarity and striking golden rutile inclusions.
  • Can this bracelet be worn daily?

    Absolutely! Its durable design and timeless elegance make it suitable for everyday wear.
  • Does the bracelet come in different sizes?

    Yes, it is available in various sizes to ensure a comfortable fit for all wrist sizes.
  • Are there any special care instructions for this bracelet?

    To maintain its luster, avoid exposure to harsh chemicals and clean it gently with a soft cloth.
  • Is this bracelet suitable for gifting?

    Definitely! Its unique beauty and symbolic meanings make it an ideal gift for loved ones.

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