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Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Chips

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Embrace the mesmerizing colors of Rainbow Fluorite Chips, ideal for decor, rituals, and energy cleansing. These AAA Grade stones from China offer a cascade of protective and harmonizing energies to any space or practice.

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  • Gemstone: Rainbow Fluorite
  • Gems Origin: China
  • Gems Quality: AAA Grade
  • Size (Approximate): 3 to 10 mm

Primary Benefits


Heart Chakra
  • Third Eye Chakra
  • Metaphysical Benefits:

    • Enhances mental clarity and decision-making
    • Promotes psychic cleansing and spiritual insight
    • Encourages balance and coordination
    • Facilitates emotional healing and release of negative energy

    Ideal For Crystal Healing:

    Rainbow Fluorite Chips are perfect for those seeking clarity and peace in their healing journey. Use them in meditation, energy cleansing rituals, and healing practices to enhance concentration, protect against psychic manipulation, and align your spiritual energy.

    About Rainbow Fluorite

    Rainbow Fluorite, known as the stone of discernment and aptitude, dazzles with its array of colors, each layer offering unique energies and attributes. It is celebrated for its ability to clear the aura, stimulate the intellect, and harmonize spiritual energy, making it an essential gemstone for seekers of truth and inner peace.

    How to Use Rainbow Fluorite Chips

    Incorporate these vibrant chips into your daily life by placing them in areas where focus and calm are needed. Arrange them around your workspace or in meditation areas to harness their energy, following Feng Shui principles to enhance their protective and clarifying powers.

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