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Raw Chevron Amethyst Stone

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Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Raw Chevron Amethyst, a striking stone known for its powerful healing properties and stunning patterns. Ideal for enhancing your space with a touch of elegance, this gemstone serves as a guardian for energy cleansing, metaphysical protection, and spiritual rituals. Its unique chevron patterns of deep purples and white quartz bands not only mesmerize but also embody a deep spiritual significance, making it a prized addition to any collection.

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  • Gemstone: Chevron Amethyst
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Quality: AAA Grade
  • Size: 2 to 4 cm (0.7 to 1.6 inches)

Primary Benefits:


Third Eye, Crown

Astrological Signs: Pisces, Aquarius

Metaphysical Benefits:

  • Enhances intuition and spiritual insight
  • Provides psychic protection and cleansing
  • Promotes deep peace and meditation
  • Aids in overcoming addictions and unhealthy patterns

Metaphysical Benefits:

Raw Chevron Amethyst is revered in crystal healing for its ability to enhance meditation, foster energy cleansing, and support various healing practices. It's particularly beneficial for those seeking to deepen their spiritual journey and enhance their intuitive abilities.

Physical Benefits:

Known for its calming influence, Chevron Amethyst helps soothe the nervous system, promotes restful sleep, and aids in the regeneration of cells, contributing to overall well-being and vitality.

About Chevron Amethyst:

Chevron Amethyst, often called the stone of the third eye, combines the strengthening and enhancing qualities of Quartz with the stress-relieving qualities of Amethyst. This synergy creates a stone that is deeply purifying, offering layers of spiritual insight and protection. It is a beacon for those seeking to clear blockages, enhance psychic abilities, and embrace transformation.

How to Use Raw Chevron Amethyst Stone:

Incorporate Chevron Amethyst into your living space or meditation area to benefit from its protective and clarifying energy. Place it near your workspace for concentration or in your bedroom for peaceful sleep. Its beauty and energy make it a perfect tool for Feng Shui applications, spiritual rituals, or simply as a stunning decorative piece that channels positive energy into your environment.

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