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In the vast realm of spirituality, crystals have emerged as powerful tools that harness the energy of the Earth. Welcome to our curated collection, where we invite you to shop crystal by spiritual intention. Dive deep into the world of intention, where each crystal resonates with a unique frequency, waiting to align with your personal goals and desires.

The Essence of Intention in Crystals

Intention is the driving force behind every action, thought, and emotion. When paired with the metaphysical properties of crystals, intentions become amplified, creating a force field that shields you from negativity and draws in abundance. Whether you seek love, prosperity, or protection, there's a crystal waiting to be your spiritual ally.

Essential Crystals and Stones for Intention

Different crystal shapes have their unique energy, meaning, and uses. Considering the intention aspect, the best shapes would likely be Points and Towers for their focused energy—spheres for their even energy distribution, and Pyramids for their grounding and manifestation properties. The best shape also depends on personal preference and the specific intention one has in mind.

Choosing Your Intention Crystal

When selecting a crystal, it's essential to trust your intuition. Hold different crystals in your hand and notice the energy each one emits. The one that resonates with you the most is your crystal companion, ready to assist you in your spiritual journey.

Discover the Power of Intention

Harnessing the power of intention is a journey, and crystals are your guiding stars. As you wear or meditate with these stones, visualize your goals and let the crystal's energy amplify your intentions. Remember, it's not just about possessing a crystal; it's about forming a bond and setting a purpose for it.

Ready to Transform Your Life with Crystals?

Dive into our crystal collection and find the perfect crystal that resonates with your soul. Whether you're a seasoned crystal enthusiast or just beginning your journey, our collection promises to offer something special for everyone.


  • What do you say when setting intentions with crystals?

    When setting intentions, hold the crystal close to your heart and clearly state your goal or desire. For instance, "I intend to attract abundance and prosperity into my life."
  • Can you cleanse crystals with intention?

    Yes, while there are various methods to cleanse crystals, setting a clear intention and visualizing the crystal being surrounded by light is an effective way to cleanse it energetically.
  • What happens if you don't set an intention with a crystal?

    A crystal will still hold its natural energy, but setting an intention personalizes and amplifies its power to align with your specific goals.
  • Which crystal is for spirituality?

    Amethyst is a popular crystal known for enhancing spirituality, intuition, and meditation.
  • How often should I set intentions with my crystals?

    It's beneficial to set intentions whenever you feel a shift in your goals or during new moon phases, which are ideal for new beginnings.

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